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Friday, September 08, 2006


David Boon – Aka the Keg on legs, is the proud holder of a 52 beer can sinking record on a flight from Sydney to London. A true Australian icon.
The "Boonie" is a doll or figurine that interacts with cricketing broadcasts and says one of 37 pre-programmed phrases triggered by a special audio cue within cricket broadcasts on the telly.
After seeing all the fuss created over the Boonie doll in news papers and ebay last year, I decided it was a must have for my bazaar collection. After all, he is another Tasmanian Legend. But they were only available when you purchased a slab of VB and I missed out.
Imagine my delight when I went into my local bottle shop a few weeks ago and saw a row of them behind the counter. When the assistant asked "will that be all"? I boldly replied "no, you can chuck in one of those Boonie dolls with it love"! The dude smiled and handed me my very own to take home and love. And I did love him, for all of 1 week. As it was programmed for last year I though he would never speak again but alas, he talks and it's driving me nuts.
He seems to go off in the wee hours of the morning, screaming the likes of " Got any nachos? - I love nachos" or "Get me a VB, the crickets about to start". I did find it pretty funny the first few days but he seriously has nearly given me a heart attack on many occasions. It seems when ever I'm about to fall asleep he yells out something crazy like "I feel like playing table tennis", sending my heart to my throat. I thought it was some guy in the house. Why doesn't the little fella have an off button or batteries I could take out!
After doing a search on various other blogs I see I'm not alone, he's doing it to many around the country. He does seem to have quite a following with whole blogs dedicated to him. I hear they are releasing two more talking players this summer, I think I'll give em a miss.


Blogger kylie said...

look at the cascade in the can. why cant they export that up to NSW?

9:18 PM

Anonymous Slammer said...

We have 1 in our office too! The other day he asked me for a Monte Carlo?

9:23 AM

Blogger Georgie said...

Ah yes, the classic statement, "I feel like a biscuit, a Monte Carlo would be nice"! I do like that comment from him, a Monte Carlo is so eighties.

12:50 PM


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