THE ADVENTURES OF FRITZ THE WONDER WELSHIE AND STARING FLAT ERIC IN A MINIATURE WONDERLAND! Meet Fritz, he's my handsome Welsh terrier. I believe he may be the cutest dog on earth however he has the worst attitude known to the K9 species! For that reason I cannot dedicate the whole blog to him, instead I include my collection of trinkets that warm my heart.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Ok, so now my Socceroos fever is over for another 4 years it's back to the best kind of football in the world, Australian rules. To show my dedication for this unique sport I purchased 3 action figures of some well known fellas of the game. They only released 3000 of each and I snapped up these guys pretty quick as not to miss out! I will admit they are as ugly as sin but they were a must have to satisfy my collecting need. My favourite is of course Jason Akermanis of the Brisbane Lions.


Blogger kylie said...

Go Shazza go!

11:48 AM

Blogger Georgie said...

Kylie! I'm no Shazza! Why just last week I saw Oliva Newtown John at the MCG watching her beloved Carlton boys lose. Is our Livy a footy bogan too? You New South Welsh will never understand.

12:39 PM

Anonymous Slammer said...

George (or should that be Shazza!) I have it on good advice theat the Bombers and Aka have done a deal and that he is heading to my team next year. Does this mean that you to will leave the lions and follow the bombers now?????

3:37 PM

Blogger Georgie said...

I was angry at your correct prediction of the flogging of the Lions last week by those Bomber dudes. I have never been a fan of Essendon and I never will. However they do rate higher with me than the Magpies. So if your information is right, I wish Aka and your team well but I will be crying inside. The Lions will never be the same. :(

3:50 PM


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