THE ADVENTURES OF FRITZ THE WONDER WELSHIE AND STARING FLAT ERIC IN A MINIATURE WONDERLAND! Meet Fritz, he's my handsome Welsh terrier. I believe he may be the cutest dog on earth however he has the worst attitude known to the K9 species! For that reason I cannot dedicate the whole blog to him, instead I include my collection of trinkets that warm my heart.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Thanks to my mate Kylie who chucked a tag my way, I am left feeling a little under pressure for this challenge. What can a girl from the Tasmanian suburbs offer that could compete with the wonders of the world?

I offer you some scenic shots of the background of where I live and walk my dogs. The sunset shot is a view of what I see when I step out of the front door. With Mt. Wellington as my backdrop I often take the dogs for a swim in the summer around the Derwent river and sometimes pick up little trinkets I find along the waters edge.

I grew up down here and although I find this little island a bit eerie it is nice to come home to after a few years away. It's a good base to have, go explore the world and come back to fresh air, clean water and fantastic serenity! As much as I would like to tag to another, sadly I don't know any other person with a blog! I will link you back to "put your flair on" the original creator of this challenge.


Blogger PutYourFlareOn said...

Hi Georgie, Thanks for playing along... I'm so excited because I've just found two new blogs to read. The second photo is unreal! That is one huge river or is it a lake? So, is it summer there now? Here's an aussie gal that lives in Paris, I think you'll get a kick out what she's up to:

I'll stop in again,

7:41 PM

Blogger Georgie said...

Nope, not summer here, it's a chilly winter, but that's ok cause the Mountain looks nice with snow. It's a river.

7:42 PM

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