THE ADVENTURES OF FRITZ THE WONDER WELSHIE AND STARING FLAT ERIC IN A MINIATURE WONDERLAND! Meet Fritz, he's my handsome Welsh terrier. I believe he may be the cutest dog on earth however he has the worst attitude known to the K9 species! For that reason I cannot dedicate the whole blog to him, instead I include my collection of trinkets that warm my heart.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


In 1981 when I was 6, the Nitendo Game/Watch entered my life. On my family trips to Queensland Mum & Dad would buy my Bro and I one each however my Dad got addicted to the "Parachute" one and so they had to buy us more to keep us happy. The first two we got where "Parachute" & "Mickey Mouse", we loved them and played non stop. They were the single screen ones. I was totally blown away when the double screen was released, we got "Oil Panic", "Donkey Kong", "Donkey Kong 2" and my personal favourite "Mickey & Donald".


Blogger PutYourFlareOn said...

Wanted one of those growing up and never got one, if I did my parents would had of bought 5, one for each of my siblings. Very cool that you still have them!

5:31 PM

Blogger Georgie said...

Wow 5 kids! You must have had some cool toys to share but!

7:41 PM


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